We Take Care of Your IT Needs



Office Networking & Systems

A professionally designed, installed and well-maintained network infrastructure will keep your staff productive, protect and preserve your data and extend the life of your PCs and printers. This should always include appropriate yet scaleable software & equipment with the correct specifications. In comparison to employee downtime, loss of your important data or even the loss of clients due to your inability to meet their needs or deadlines – not to mention emergency support and data recovery costs. We will take into consideration your business needs, goals and budget.

•Do you need part time IT Manager or Systems Analyst

•Do you have young tech/web staff that needs direction or control

•Does your office need to be more tech savvy but can’t afford full time IT Management


Complete Business IT Service

System Analysis & Design

CNC Machines /CAD – Point Of Sale – CCTV Security – Communications

Data Recovery – File Recovery – Remote Admin & Backups

Email Control – POP3 – IMAP – Gmail – Office 365


Servers Networking Desktop Cloud Office Systems

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