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Online Reputation Repair

For business & people

There are basically two reasons why our online reputation is damaged. The first reason is our own behavior and actions on the internet and the second reason is the actions of other people and companies. We realize that the information on the internet is not something that can be forgotten. If the original poster doesn’t remove it, it can stay there forever.

This doesn’t mean that we are defenseless. One easy way for online reputation repair management is to check and analyze the Web on a regular basis. The moment you spot a problem, you need to act.

It’s much easier to repair the damage if you are the source of the information. Sometimes you can damage your reputation by posting inaccurate information. Of course delete that information immediately. If information comes from another source, ask them to remove the information. If they don’t, you will need search engine optimization to produce some quality content that’s related to the negative information in order to push it down. This may sound difficult especially for those who don’t have any knowledge in SEO (most web designers). That’s why many people leave this work to us. By hiring reputation repair services you can repair the damage in the quickest and most appropriate way. This can take some time to completely cleanup depending on where the bad info is located.

  • Can take from 2 weeks to 9 months to clear bad info depending on how much or how popular the bad website/review sites are. We try contacting the parties but normally does nothing.
  • Basic Reputation Repair can be just building new positive pages or a new blog. This should move bad info out of the way in time.
  • Long term Reputation Repair can be much more work, 6 to 9 months of constant changes, on multiple websites and blogs that we build.

Cost – Basic $500 – $1000 – Long term $1000 – $5000

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For Business….

Are you getting negative feedback?

Has old employee posted things about you?

Are trolls hitting you on Yelp or Google?

For People….

Your name is everything!

Someone with same name has bad publicity.

Employers seeing old embarrassing posts or pictures.