Business Tech Services

A local IT Service provider in the Salem Oregon area, we take care of medium and small businesses in many industries. Contact us if you need fast competent technical support or just need some advice.  We also provide web services to all locations, special care to consider all parts of your web marketing needs or existing campaigns. We repair sites and damaged domain issues. Database problems, lost passwords, email issues, site admin, training.

A professionally designed, installed and well-maintained network infrastructure will keep your staff productive, protect and preserve your data and extend the life of your PCs and printers. This should always include appropriate yet scalable software & equipment with the correct specifications. In comparison to employee downtime, loss of your important data or even the loss of clients due to your inability to meet their needs or deadlines not to mention emergency support and data recovery costs. We will take into consideration your business needs, goals and budget.

Technical Support

Windows Server Systems – Networking – Desktop – Cloud Based Systems – E Mail – Google/ Gmail – Microsoft Office 365 – Video Security/ CCTV 

Complete Web Marketing

Responsive Web Design – Mobile Sites – Website Repair – ECommerce – Blogs – WordPress

Consulting – Business Systems Analyst

Amazon Web Services – ECommerce – Office Systems – Cloud Services – HIPAA Compliance 

Business Tech Services

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HIPAA Compliance